7 Steps for Moving into Full-Time (tiny house) RVing

Thom Stanton and Midge Stanton will share this RV as their full-time

Our Transitional Tiny House

Thom Stanton and Midge Stanton will share this RV as their full-time "transitional tiny house" on the road.

In case you haven't followed our news on the Timber Trail's page on Facebook, my wife and I are moving into an RV full-time. We've been moving toward this transition for over a year, and we're excited to say that we're on the cusp of this major life event to "go tiny!"

In terms of timing, we've been moving into the RV a little at a time over the past year. Our "transitional tiny house" is a 2004 34' Artic Fox 4-season 5th wheel RV, and a couple of months ago we bought the truck to tow it (2005 Ford F350 with 6.4L diesel). We paid cash for both, along with service and system checks for the RV and upgrades on the truck for towing. In total, we've spent less than $25,000 out-of-pocket for everything. 

If you are considering buying or building a tiny house, I highly recommend walking at least a bit of our path as it will give you a serious gut check for "yea... we can do this" or "nope, guess its not me." Given our experience, we believe it's worth the time and money to test the tiny life and see if its REALLY right for you. 

Here are some mileposts for making this type of transition:

  1. Find a place to "store" your RV (friend or campground)
  2. Check out new RVs locally, and/or search for used ones
  3. Move into your RV, and spend a night a week in your "tiny"
  4. Ponder the reality of living day-after-day in a tiny house
  5. Determine what you need to feel at home in your tiny
  6. Begin downsizing (you can't start soon enough)
  7. Be patient and enjoy the experience!

We've sold our home, and it closes with the buyers on Wednesday. That means we're making our final move into the RV this weekend. In early July, we're leaving the Richmond area, and taking a two-month sabbatical for some serious soul searching. First we plan to visit with family down south, and I have some tiny house interests in Florida to explore this fall. As for winter... we're planning on being somewhere warm and friendly. 

In consideration of RV vs THOW, they're similar in some regards, and different in others. For the time, expense, and effort, the RV was the best first step for us. Will we ever build our own tiny house? Maybe... probably... guess we'll see. And that's part of our soul searching, so we're going to enjoy the experience of wait-and-see. For now, leaving a conventional house with two dogs and a cat and hitting the road in an RV full-time will present enough challenges. We're ready to enjoy "simply being" rather than just doing-doing-doing all the time.

We are looking into participating in tiny house seminars, producing a tiny house documentary and/or video series, and continuing our advocacy for legally living in a tiny house as a permissible dwelling and permanent residence. 

For years I've worked from home, and continue to offer custom tiny house design services. If you're considering the tiny life, we can really provide an inside perspective.

So thank you for following Timber Trails, and for providing your support of our transition into the tiny life.

We wish you all the very best, and encourage you too to...

Live Large -- Go Tiny!

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