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Timber Trails LLC

Enabling cabin, cottage, and tiny house builders with designs for safe, efficient, and affordable housing alternatives.

In a Nutshell 

We seek two things for tiny houses:

  1. Legitimization - Built by prescriptive code, and
  2. Legalization - Allowed via zoning ordinances

We recognize the shifting needs and interests

Whether built on wheels or upon conventional foundations, we embrace the use of tiny houses as:

  • Mobile recreational cabins and living quarters
  • Temporary use guest houses and vacation cottages
  • Primary residences on private property and pocket neighborhoods

The Tiny House Movement continues to gain momentum, and we are working with myriad individuals and organizations to aid in education about simple living in small spaces. 

We invite you join us as we work with great folks at all levels of interest, including backyard builders, grass-roots tiny house start-ups, local special interest groups, intentional communities and eco-villages, as well as municipal and state governments, national industry associations, and international organizations of dedicated public service administrators.

Contact us today to discover how to you too can...

Live Large -- Go Tiny!


Thom Stanton, CEO

Thom Stanton is Timber Trails' founder and primary point of contact for new business opportunities, customer relations, and affiliate partnerships.

Thom is a 11th generation builder whose ancestors constructed many of the first schools and churches throughout the southeastern United States. Given the seventh century setting, the Stantons of colonial America certainly built and lived in many tiny timber framed houses too!

Thom is Virginia's first State Chapter Representative for the American Tiny House Association, organizes the RVA Tiny House Team – a Richmond area meetup group, and advocates seeking "simple elegance in small spaces."

With an avid interest in sustainable living, Thom and his wife Midge are "wannabe empty-nesters" actively downsizing from their 1600 sf home into an energy efficient 650 sf Timber Trails cottage.

Contact Thom Stanton to discuss your interests in a cute cabin, cozy cottage, or tiny house, or becoming part of our Preferred Partner Program for architects, designers, builders, and finishers.

In his own words...

"As a kid, our lake cabin, tree houses, snow caves, washer/dryer boxes, and other small spaces held my interest. At about age 9, I began drawing houses, and have always been fascinated by architecture.

I come from a long line of builders, with professional educators and marketers as parents who spent all their spare time working on our houses. My mom has a fantastic sense of interior design, and my dad can conceptualize and build anything.

I guess it's no surprise that I've launched Timber Trails as a brand-centric start-up designing small structures with a major DIY/how-to component added to the mix.

As they say, 'If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life.' Well I love helping people realize their dreams for safe, affordable, and efficient place to call home.

Sounds more like fun that work!"

Thom Stanton - Founder/CEO, Timber Trails LLC - State Chapter Leader (Virginia), American Tiny House Association - Guinness World Record Holder, Greatest Whitewater Swim - Certified Direct Marketer (CDM) - Strategic Marketing Consultant, Brand Social Web Video Design

Thom Stanton
Founder/CEO, Timber Trails LLC
Lead Organizer, RVA Tiny House Team (Meetup Group)
State Chapter Leader, American Tiny House Association

Twitter:  @TimberTrailsTV
Web:  TimberTrails.TV
Tel:  804.714.6247

TIMBER TRAILS LLC:  Enabling cabin, cottage, and tiny house builders with resources for fast, efficient, and affordable housing alternatives. Browse from an expanding base of purchase ready plans, kits, tools, and tips, and enjoy instructive how-to media, community building events, and professional networking opportunities.  

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