What is the basic process for designing and building my small home or tiny house?

Timber Trails works customers throughout the US via remote sessions, mostly using Google Hangouts for face-to-face video and real-time screen sharing. 

The basics of small residential structures -- especially cabins, cottages, and tiny houses -- are relatively the same. Since many customers have an idea of some "must-have" features, we often assist in the creation of a "best-of blend" of your favorite elements into a uniquely custom design. To get rolling, we'll usually start moving by working with you in an Initial Design Consultation, really get going with a little Fast-Track Design for the overall structural size and shape of your home, and finish the first leg of our journey with with some Custom Home Design.

We work to keep things streamlined, which is part of the appeal of working with SIPs. Once we have the basics of your design in place, it's relatively easy to estimate the panel package, installation, and other accessories. From there, your project will gain even more speed by getting your tiny house dried in with moisture barriers, windows/doors, roofing, siding, interior wall sheathing, and trim. From there, it's usually a matter of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing to finish off the house. Specialty items and accessories, like multi-purpose built-ins, are added into the process where most appropriate to their integration into your structure or installation in the more finished small home.

Our role lies more in the initial space and structural design, with some assistance offered in sourcing solutions for your home's outer envelope. To keep out-of-pocket costs down, cater local businesses, and participate in the finishing of their homes, most customers finish their tiny house builds close to their current residence. Others prefer to have their tiny houses completed "turnkey," for which we can refer you to friendly firms who can provide you with a move-in ready custom home -- on wheels or conventional foundations.

Your project is special and unique, and we're here to help you make your small home and tiny house dreams a move-in ready reality. 

Feel free to contact us with dates/times we could discuss your specific questions, interests, budget, and timeline. 

Looking forward to talking with you soon.

Live Large -- Go Tiny!