Do we need to buy our tiny house trailer before designing our tiny house on wheels?

Nope. It's usually best to talk before you buy your tiny house trailer as your needs and interests provide direction on your mini home's trailer purchase.

Trailers vary in size and specs, which are both big determinants for your tiny house on wheels (THOW). For example, Tumbleweed Trailers are made well, though setup in a way that cuts into interior space a bit. Your needs may ultimately suggest a park model RV sized tiny house. If you're building bigger or not moving frequently, building on mobile home axles, or skids, are increasingly popular options. 

While tiny houses are small home, you're still building a house, and there are scores of considerations. The best way to begin is to begin, and a personal Initial Design Consultation puts you on the road to success.

Contact us to schedule time to discuss your project to help you get rollin'!