Fast-Track Design

Tired of scrap bookin' and and ready to roll? Our unique Fast-Track Design sessions are an easy, affordable, and enabling first step that will help you wrap some tangible vision around your ideas.

Limited Discount!

For ONLY $449.00 you'll enjoy our custom Fast-Track Design service that includes personal consultation and custom design time and high quality images as outlined below!

Session Focus

Fast-Track Design defines the basic outer envelope of your home, including it's size, shape, roof type, and some special features including dormers, porches, and overhangs. This dovetails with Timber Trails' material kits, ready-to-assemble packages, and shells for your cabin, cottage, or tiny house.

How it Works

Your session is an easy and affordable means for your home design and building project, including:

  1. Research – We ask you to share a few samples of your favorite floor plans and home designs – whether Timber Trails' or others – to help us better understand your interests and motivations.
  2. Design – Knowing your interests and preferences, our "adaptive design" process blends your favorite designs and slims down your favorite styles to smaller sizes while retaining real-life practicality.
  3. Review – We review the overall form of your home, and determine if there's anything to tweak or other ideas to explore. We can quickly make additional models for your side-by-side comparison.
  4. Delivery – You will receive seven images: 2 beauty shots and 5 elevation drawings as high-quality JPEG images within 1 day of your Fast-Track session.

We allocate 90 minutes for each Fast-Track Design session the up-front research, 1-hour design session, and final review.

What's Included

To get an idea of options and give you something to ponder, you'll receive the following or more:

  • Initial Consult – Up-front discussion about your goals, budget, and time table.
  • 1-Hour Design – Performed in 3D environment in-person, via remote viewing, or unattended
  • 3D Virtual Tour – Provides a walk-about to view the exterior from varying points of view
  • Beauty Shots – Large full color images of your cabin, cottage, or tiny house as 3/4 views
  • Wire Frames – Black and white elevation drawings of the top, front, back, and both sides

Other Interests

If time permits in your 90-minute session, we can model basic additions architectural features to your home's primary structure, including:

  • Dormers and Bump Outs
  • Cupola/Monitor
  • Doors and Windows
  • Steps and Entryways
  • Deck, Porch, Balcony
  • Gable/Eave Overhangs
  • Shutters and Awnings

Some items, including rough openings for doors and windows, are the byproduct of the combination of your home's overall form when blended with its floor plan. Unless you are purchasing a pre-designed kit, fine tuning of your structure is usually addressed under an extended session (see Additional Services below) or more a more formal engagement (see Custom Design page).

Additional Services

For a limited time, you can request these services at discounted rates for:

  • Design Time – $75/hr. in quarter hour increments beyond 90 minute session
  • Image Samples – $7.50/image as high-quality JPEG image
  • Print-Ready PDF – $25 for cover page and up to 10 images
  • 3D Files – $75 for each structure (Sketchup Make & Sketchup Pro compatible)

Estimates & Quotes

Provided FREE upon request for SIP/Hybrid packages as follows:

  • Estimates – Approximate costs using square footage of materials, including your structure's SIP floor, walls, and roof, other materials, and fabrication (freight and assembly are extra)
  • Quotes – Included with contracts from plans with more defined dimensions, and usually require more extensive floor planning and structural design.

Let's Roll!

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