How can I get started with my tiny house design?

We love to work with our customers directly, and feel privileged to participate in helping you "go tiny."

We offer a free 1-on-1 Initial Design Consult to review your interests, questions, and options. While we offer commercial services, we remain objective advocates for tiny house living and will openly discuss everything for your home, whether purchased ready-to-roll from a turnkey provider or built ground-up as a DIY effort from stock plans or custom designs.

Our goal is to help you realize your tiny house dreams, and our Fast-Track Design sessions can help you wrap your mind around options for the size and shape of your tiny house. Having the shape defines all the primary dimensions for your tiny house, and enables the procurement of estimates to aid with your budgeting. 

Should you like, our Custom Design services provide a means of building your vision and testing options in virtual space that mirrors physical dimensions. This is especially helpful if you want to test varying sizes of items and spaces like counter top depth, passageways, existing furniture, and other elements of the tiny house's construction when considering it's interior design.

We love meeting with customers 1-on-1 and welcome the opportunity to discuss your project and considerations over a cuppa joe. We also work with customers throughout the world, frequently using screen share software to review plans and images of items considered for their homes.

Our favorite way to work is side-by-side in live design sessions. This provides an opportunity to look through scrap books together, browse through images, and sketch designs options by hand before moving into virtual space. We welcome the opportunity to work with you after a workshop, in our mobile home office, or your current home. The choice is yours!

Please contact us to discuss options to discuss your project and setup a meeting to discuss your tiny house dreams, answer any burning questions, and entertain options for any special needs and design considerations. 

We welcome your call and look forward to meeting with you soon!