How can I finance my tiny house on wheels?

Financing for tiny houses on wheels is similar to RVs, and it helps to have RVIA or other 3rd party verification of building to prescriptive codes for RVs and park model RVs (PMRVs).

That said, many lenders who finance RVs use the buyer's "big house" as a means to guarantee the loan. Many tiny house folks won't have, or desire to keep, their primary dwelling, so that could complicate the typical loan process.

Further, RV dealers will cover their ears if they hear you mention going the "full-time" route of using your RV as a primary residence. Since the first word in RV is "recreation," trying to get a "tiny house" financed throws up red flags.

Sadly, financing a tiny house on wheels (THOW) is currently such a challenge, that most folks choose to leverage savings, rob their 401k plans, and cash in other investments to cover the initial purchase price.

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