Design Consultation

Let's be honest, this whole "tiny house" thing may be new, but living a simple, efficient, and effective life are long standing human aspirations. Now you could spend a lifetime of searching images, reading blogs, and pinning images, but the only way to begin is... well... to get started! And that's where we can help you get moving in a hurry!

FREE Consultation

Whether in-person, via Skype, or on the phone, our 1-on-1 consult -- currently offered FREE of charge up to 30 minutes -- invites you share your interests, desires, and special needs. We also ask you to review your budget, goals, preferred timelines, and any applicable experience and available resources you can use to save you time and money in your home design and construction project. We'll discuss your favorite floor plans, the home styles you prefer, your current property situation, and parking options if you're a THOW builder who plans to roll-your-own in a tiny home!

Fans of Your Flame

We are HUGE tiny house advocates and truly celebrate "simple elegance in small spaces." We love to help uncover those special sparks of inspiration that fans a flicker of excitement into your inferno of action. You'll find that sharing your story, talking through your mental musings, and developing building plans with an informed source is the best way to better understand your own interests, develop new ideas, and explore previously unforeseen options.

Let's Get Started!

In the end, it's always "your house, your choice." We're big on brainstorming, and openly share our ideas with hopes of unveiling new concepts for your cabin, cottage, or tiny house. You are invited to consider us your personal catalyst to help convert your ethereal ideas into exciting action.

Contact us to schedule time to share your small and tiny house dreams!