Penny Pinching for Downsizers

A newspaper reporter got in contact for ideas on an article on Penny Pinching. Here's what we sent...

We're focused on downsizing, so these are top of mind, and may (or may not [>:-) relate:

  • Remember, less is often more. 
  • Rent or borrow until it becomes a better deal to buy.
  • Don't buy the best... you're probably only paying for the name.
  • Consider downsizing in your own space. If you don't use it, "love it and let it go."
  • Grocery shop with a budget in mind, a list in one hand, and a calculator in the other.
  • Dig around in the closet for some old faves. Wear them like they were brand new.
  • Buy used. Thrift stores often abound with yesterday's fashions. 

We trust you're doing well, and hope this helps.

Our best to you and yours! - Thom [>:-)