Value Your Time and Get 'er Done!

Getting your tiny house delivered

Get Yer Tiny House Done!

Getting your tiny house delivered "finish ready" makes your tiny house "move in ready" weeks earlier with an assurance that key elements were built right the first time!

Folks often lament the need for affordable tiny housing, comparing today's retail costs from "turnkey" tiny house builders against DIY projects of yesteryear. Rest assured, there are still affordable options out there, especially for the DIY builder/finisher.

We encourage people to seriously consider their level of interest and involvement. For many, they want a tiny house now, and say "I know myself well enough to know that I probably won't finish it." Others want to be completely involved from start to finish. If you "know thyself" you can quickly determine your place on the spectrum of DIY and just-do-it-for-me.

While folks can go "old school," stripping a travel travel for the frame, scavenging old building materials for the shell, and adding reclaimed materials for the siding and roofing. The downside of this solution -- which could be a low as $10k -- is the risk of using flawed or rotting parts. This is one of the beauties of creating a do-it-yourself recreational vehicle (DIY RV), and it's greatest challenge where codes, permits, and the inevitable long arm of Big Brother are concerned.

Whether a stick-built shell from other companies or one of our Finish-Ready SIP Shells, folks have the security of knowing what could be seriously damaged from the onset is done right the first time for:

Foundation - A purpose-built trailer not an old one rusting at the wheels and welds.
Structure - New materials without mold issues (in our case stronger and fully insulated).
Weather Proofing - Top quality house wrap to shed moisture, and a great roofing underlayment to stop the rain.
Windows/Doors - High efficiency and well sealed to maintain a tight building envelope and keep it comfy inside!
Roofing and Siding - Properly installed to protect your investment while you finish off interior details.

Something like our Dried In Solution (or similar product from others) run about $20k, leaving you with a "finish-ready" structure you can complete as time and budget allow. When you put value to your time and consider the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), having something that's ready to complete brings folks closer to the reality of completing over the course of a few weeks this summer.

Just sharing my thoughts as a "tiny house guy" turned "tiny house pro" who works hard to help others make their dreams a reality.

Live Large -- Go Tiny! - Thom [>:-)