Where do people build their tiny houses if they don't already own land?

A "tiny house on wheels" (THOW) can be built most anywhere, with backyards, driveways, and borrowed shop space being the most common for DIY builds.

The big issue for tiny houses is where to park and live when complete. Some stay where they're built, others are put on the road while staying in RV parks and "driveway surfing" for short periods of time, and others tucked away off-grid. But its hard to live "under the radar" for long, and some nosy neighbors turn whistle blowers and tattle to The Man.

Few DIY THOWs are inspected during their builds. For good our bad, their "on-wheels" status negates official inspection, and their RV classification often defaults their use as a domicile in most municipalities. Using a tiny house as a permitted single family dwelling is rare, and largely unwanted by zoning officials at this time.

Establishing communities with protections for neighboring property values via the same means many tiny housers eschew -- pre-approved housing developments with HOAs governed by strict covenants and restrictions -- appears to be the most likely long term course of action.

There is hope, though it will only come from lots of advocacy efforts, some political posturing, and increased efforts to legitimize and legalize tiny house living.

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