Television Premiere: Seth Numrich's Custom Home on Tiny House Big Living

Get a behind the scenes look at our work on Seth's Place, and insights into the world of a "traveling actor" using a tiny house as his mobile home!

Deemed a "Traveling Actor's Tiny House" by HGTV's series, Tiny House Big Living, our episode's title provides an apt description for the purpose behind Seth's decision to build a tiny house. Well, Seth's need to travel for his job may not the original purpose for a tiny house, but enough reasoning to get rolling two years ago.

And for his part -- and ours -- we're glad this talented actor chose to pick up a hammer, strap on a newly purchased tool belt, and sweat through the rigors of building his own tiny home: A fully self-contained, road-ready, 18' tiny house on wheels with full off grid capabilities.

Here's a behind-the-scenes glimpse at Seth Numrich's decision to "go tiny!"

UPDATE: Uniform Tiny House Construction Initiative

The tiny house industry continues to grow, and a collaborative effort is underway to develop a uniform set of standards for the construction of Tiny Houses. Here's where we stand today in this unified effort!

BIG Step for Tiny Houses -- IRC's Addendum for Tiny House Building Code

Tiny houses on wheels still remain unregulated, but tiny house advocates are paving the way with the newly adopted Tiny House addendum to IRC 2018.

Despite the best efforts of reality TV shows to make "going tiny" look easy, the challenge remains for living legally in a tiny house. Thanks to the efforts of Andrew Morrison and his team -- as well as countless tiny house advocates, building officials, and zoning officials -- there are now building codes that can be applied to Tiny Houses. 

Best Practices for Building a Tiny House Community

Funny how a short article can illustrate so many way points along the road to success for a tiny house community. Read this article, then return here for our thoughts on how to build a tiny house village!

News Brief: Tiny Home Community in Muncie, Indiana

While this isn't the ideal for many hoping to build tiny houses on wheels (THOW) and live in a community, let's suffice it to say...

Tiny House Brochure Reiterates Restrictions on Legally Living in a Tiny House

Example of a legal tiny house on foundation from Jackson's Tiny House Construction Guidelines

This is one of those "things that makes you go, 'Hmm...'"

Looking over the Construction Guidelines for Tiny Homes in NC from Jackson County, North Carolina, those seeking to "go tiny" should be able to accomplish the same outlined in the brochure in most areas of the US. Much of what is outlined in the "tiny house brochure" PDF remains within specs of the International Residential Code (IRC) as well as Virginia's Uniform Statewide Building Code (VUSBC) and others throughout the US.

7 Steps for Moving into Full-Time (tiny house) RVing

Thom Stanton and Midge Stanton will share this RV as their full-time "transitional tiny house" on the road.

In case you haven't followed our news on the Timber Trail's page on Facebook, my wife and I are moving into an RV full-time. We've been moving toward this transition for over a year, and we're excited to say that we're on the cusp of this major life event to "go tiny!"


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