A Firm Foundation for Tiny House Building Codes

Tomorrow I will attend the first of two meetings to make and review proposals to Virginia's Statewide Uniform Building Code.

A Bit of Background

The state's building code borrows heavily from the most recent edition of the IBC (IRC 2015), though code proposals from Virginia are often used as precedent for introduction of future editions of the IRC. Tomorrow's meeting covers the first chapter, which doesn't seem to have anything of import to legalization of tiny houses (Scope and Administration).

Supporting Tiny Houses Interests During Virginia's Code Change Process

VBCOA Committee Chairs:

Thank you in advance for your review, replies, and assistance in guiding us through the process of consideration of tiny houses in Virginia.

I have summarized my message below into four areas to outline our existing efforts, challenges we collectively face, to request guidance, and offer a connecting with knowledge leaders and subject matter experts who can aid in the process of evaluation of tiny houses in Virginia. Your help navigating the process is greatly appreciated.

Two-Step Approach

Government's HUD Rule Prohibits Use of a Tiny House as Your Primary Residence

A proposed rule by the Housing and Urban Development Department threatens "full-time RV'ers," and further stymies those seeking to build their tiny house as a street legal home.

A proposed rule by the Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD) on February 9, 2016, threatens "full-time RV'ers," and further stymies those seeking to build their tiny house as a street legal home.

The Big Issue About Tiny Houses

Tiny houses on wheels (THOWs) are increasingly adopting the term Recreational Vehicle (RV) for house-like structures on trailers. Whether self-built, professionally constructed, or among many pre-manufactured models, tiny houses are too cute to ignore, and have become increasingly larger blips on legal radar screens.

4 Great Ways to Live Legally in a Tiny House on Your Own Property

Finding the means to legally live in a tiny house is a hot topic for good reason:

Tiny houses make so much sense to those who choose to "go tiny," but restrictions on what defines a legal domicile often excludes tiny houses on wheels (or skids, blocks, and pontoons). 

Top 5 Tips for Building or Buying a Tiny House

As a tiny house designer, I too am often amazed at what people still want to add to a custom tiny home, while hopefully adhering to a super-tight budget.

My advice for anyone wanting to build or buy a tiny house is to:

HUGE News for Tiny House Living -- Fresno Development Code Change

On January 3, 2016, Fresno opens its doors and properties to tiny house dwellers via the city's new Development Code 15-275. Congrats and kudos to Cali's tiny house advocates!

January 3, 2016, the City of Fresno, California, may see an influx of tiny houses. The city's new Development Code 15-2754 which allows a tiny house on wheels (THOW) to be used as an second dwelling unit, backyard cottage, and accessory living quarters on single family residential lots of 6000 sq ft or more (5000 sq ft if corner lot).


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