Tiny House Communities -- Some Concerns and Key Considerations

Parking a tiny house on private property has huge appeal, but our path to success is littered with roadblocks. -- Photo composited image courtesy of Four Lights Village

Parking a tiny house on private property has appeal, but consider this increasingly common tale of woe before buying into the hype about a tiny house community.

Tiny House Icons Evicted in Colorado

Jenna and Guillaume's tiny house parked along the roadside after issuance of a notice to vacate the premises during their Tiny House Giant Journey.

The story of Jenna and Guillaume's tiny house eviction in Colorado is both unfortunate, and yet evermore common. This issue underscores the challenge we face across the country: Tiny houses are just too cute to ignore! 

Presenting Our Case: The Need for Tiny House Data

High-level representatives, local building inspectors, and rooms full of zoning officials are watching and waiting. There's no better time to make a solid case for legal living in a tiny house. So what's the missing ingredient: Data!

Building a Case for Tiny Houses as Certified Park Model RVs

While tiny house builders and buyer try to grasp the realities surrounding the expanding the potential to live in tiny houses on wheels (THOW), the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) makes its position clear in an article published on the page for Park Model RVs on

Are Park Model RVs 'Tiny Homes?'

There has been a lot of coverage of the 'tiny home movement' in the media lately. People often wonder, "Are Park Model RVs 'tiny homes?'"

Tiny House Building Codes

Build your tiny house know-how on a solid foundation of building types, code compliance, and help lead a shift for legal habitation in smaller structures.

Tiny houses fall in the cracks between existing, and accepted, types of homes. To help you go boldly into the fight, we've provided a little overview to help you be an aware buyer, and keep you compliant with codes should you go the DIY route. Oh... and a closing bit of RAH-RAH LET'S GO TEAM!

Overview of Applicable Standards

To date, there are no official tiny house building codes, but that doesn't mean you're in the clear to build whatever you want.

The Risk of Building an Unapproved Tiny House

Many tiny houses start as "backyard builds," but be carefully review building codes and zoning ordinances before simply moving in out back.

Consider the story of our friends the Browns and their backyard tiny house in Chesterfield, Virginia.

This friendly young couple took a look at their financial goals, and chose to build a tiny house as a means of escaping the Rat Race. They had the time, financial resources, and would cover the cost of their tiny house in less than a couple of years by renting their primary residence and living out back mortgage free. Sounds great, right...?

And for the Browns, living simply in a tiny house seemed the right solution. 


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