Beware of Tiny Home Banking Scams

As the term "tiny house" continues to trend strongly, many are cashing in on your tiny house hopes and dreams. Here's what to look for (and shy away from).

Tiny House Financing Options

I've had many customers ask about tiny house financing. Many of the big companies offer financing, and one day we may too. Use of proper building techniques, following prescribed codes, and getting some form of ever-more imperative 3rd party certification can help secure financing,

For now, tiny house loans are most likely to be provided through:

Need to Meet or Exceed "Code Minimum" Standards

Pulling back the layers of codes and standards is like peeling an onion. Here's what we're finding.

Shrek's Little Onion Analogy

Remember the movie Shrek? The two lead characters are seen walking along the path discussing the depths of personality. Shrek suggests "ogres are like onions," and made up of layers. His gabby friend Donkey reminds him that not everyone likes onions, suggesting he be more like a cake. "Everyone likes cake, and they have layers!"

Well one thing's for sure, in the tiny house community: The subject of codes and standards really stinks!

Legitimizing Tiny House Building and Residency

While owner/builder options exist for those building on conventional foundations, the homes of DIY tiny house builders remain mobile. In many municipalities, this could cause continual issues and a lack of certified occupancy.

Radio Interview on Legally Living in a Tiny House

Listen to the radio interview about legal living options for tiny house residents in Chesterfield County, Virginia.

Source: Interview by Jeff Katz of WRVA in Richmond, Virginia

How to Legally Live in a Tiny House

If living in a tiny house is your dream, consider finding out how to legally live in one your waking reality!

Today's meeting with Chesterfield County left me with mixed emotions. More than anything, I am grateful to Chesterfield County's staff for taking the time to explain all the details. That said, the building process is anything but simple... and isn't simplicity THE hallmark of tiny living?

Tiny House Zoning Ordinances, Building Permits, Code Compliance, and Certificates of Occupancy

Towing the line of tiny houses could seems a long and winding road. Seeking a cooperative partnership with local municipalities isn't just neighborly, it's a matter responsible citizenship.

One could say where lines seem sharply drawn, upon closer inspection a large grey area exists for tiny houses.

To date, tiny houses are built by DIY'ers, weekend workshop attendees, and professionals offering prefabricated kits, professionally assembled shells, or turnkey models. As such, tiny houses as domiciles sit squarely between construction by RVIA certified builders, industrialized building manufacturers, and permitted dwellings on permanent foundations.

A major point of contention could come between:


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