Thom Stanton Appointed as State Chapter Leader of the American Tiny House Association

A tiny house proudly raises its flag and represents our founders' roots in small structures on the new American frontier. This tiny house was part of a Small Worlds exhibition at the Toledo Museum of Art. Image source:

Timber Trails' CEO, Thom Stanton, is now State Chapter Leader (Virginia) for the American Tiny House Association.

Join us at the Central New York Home Builder's Show in Syracuse!

Midge Stanton as our resident show girl for the Timber Trails booth at the Central New York Home and Garden Show 2015 in Syracuse, New York

Join us for the 2015 Home Builders and Garden Show of Central New York in Syracuse, New York.

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Hope to see you there! - Thom [>:-)

Workshops & Seminars: Assess Your Personal Expectations and Outcomes

My wife and I attended a workshop in a big hotel one year ago, and now run a tiny house company. I am a designer, builder, and educator, and we were already on the path to creating our company, so our perspective was a bit unique.

For the seminar, we sought to:

K.I.S.S. - How to Keep it Simple and Sustainable

Things to consider early when it comes to your tiny house build:

Self-Financing Your Tiny House

In an age where new financing options abound, I still advocate of completing the build of your cabin, cottage, and tiny house "as time and budget allow." Here are some tips for building a quality home without going broke!

15 Reasons Build a Tiny House with SIPs

Use of an air barrier and continuous insulation are the most effective ways to eliminate thermal  bridging and air leakage issues associated with  traditional stud framing and cavity insulation. Warm colors are heat leaking from the house. Cool colors are cold on exterior.

I was turned on to structural insulated panels -- lovingly called SIPs -- while exploring sustainable living options (cob, straw bale, cord wood, and rammed earth are also faves, but not THOW friendly [>:-).

Then, I was exposed to SIPs first hand while working for a timber frame company. Seeing the speed at which their huge frames were wrapped with SIPs turned on a big bright light, and made me go, "hmm..." for tiny house design.


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