15 Reasons Build a Tiny House with SIPs

Use of an air barrier and continuous insulation are the most effective ways to eliminate thermal  bridging and air leakage issues associated with  traditional stud framing and cavity insulation. Warm colors are heat leaking from the house. Cool colors are cold on exterior.

I was turned on to structural insulated panels -- lovingly called SIPs -- while exploring sustainable living options (cob, straw bale, cord wood, and rammed earth are also faves, but not THOW friendly [>:-).

Then, I was exposed to SIPs first hand while working for a timber frame company. Seeing the speed at which their huge frames were wrapped with SIPs turned on a big bright light, and made me go, "hmm..." for tiny house design.

Downsizing to Tiny Tips

Check out these tips for making the move to clutter free living!

Looking to "go tiny" or want to test the waters?

  1. Try downsizing in your existing home.
  2. Empty cabinets, disposed of dressers, and vacant bedrooms create a sense of progress, and help minimize the shock of a transition to tiny.
  3. Compress your living space into simple space budget like 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 closet, one side of the laundry room, and corner of a kitchen.

Here's hoping we can help you make your tiny house adventure easy, economical, and enjoyable. Our best to you all.

Live Large -- Go Tiny! - Thom [>:-)

Value Your Time and Get 'er Done!

Getting your tiny house delivered "finish ready" makes your tiny house "move in ready" weeks earlier with an assurance that key elements were built right the first time!

Folks often lament the need for affordable tiny housing, comparing today's retail costs from "turnkey" tiny house builders against DIY projects of yesteryear. Rest assured, there are still affordable options out there, especially for the DIY builder/finisher.

Affordable Housing Budgets Use Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

New Home Total Cost of Ownership

Just as "beauty is in the eye if the beholder," affordable items are bought with the buyer's wallet.

For long term investments like homes, there's a need to determine if you measure cost in initial out-of-pocket, lifetime of loan, or total cost of ownership (TCO). This last metric leans toward a mix of up front fees, monthly loan service, maintenance, and utilities when totaled.

Penny Pinching for Downsizers

A newspaper reporter got in contact for ideas on an article on Penny Pinching. Here's what we sent...

We're focused on downsizing, so these are top of mind, and may (or may not [>:-) relate:

Little Old Cabins of 4-Wheel Drive, Carova Beach, NC

Serendipity, The Rodanthe House, seen in it's original location along the Atlantic Ocean before being relocated

Scores of cute little dilapidated cabins, cottages, and beach houses lie a wee bit North of Corolla on North Carolina's Outer Banks.


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