K.I.S.S. - How to Keep it Simple and Sustainable

Things to consider early when it comes to your tiny house build:

  • Spend up-front dollars on critical features like a tight building envelope, great windows, and sustainable materials.
  • Plan for basic amenities at the onset, while having a plan for adding more exotic features.
  • Put in as much DIY work as possible, especially after getting the structure "dried in."
  • Live in the space, adding new features slowly and with deliberation.

Oh, and if you're towing your tiny house, start watching your weight (your tiny house, not your body) as all the stuff you plan to pack into your new home-on-the-road can really add up fast.

Again, wishing you the very best with your cabin, cottage, or tiny house experience!

Live Large -- Go Tiny! - Thom [>:-)