Workshops & Seminars: Assess Your Personal Expectations and Outcomes

My wife and I attended a workshop in a big hotel one year ago, and now run a tiny house company. I am a designer, builder, and educator, and we were already on the path to creating our company, so our perspective was a bit unique.

For the seminar, we sought to:

  1. See what are others in the space are doing, and
  2. Determine what would we do differently with our workshops!

As a presenter, we found 2-days of PowerPoint in a dark conference room to be less informative and fulfilling than we had hoped. Further, other attendees seemed to seek more hands-on how-to experience and were left wanting. So, when we returned to Richmond, I started a local tiny house meetup group and started offering some free educational how-to sessions. This seems to resonate with folks in the tiny house community, and most enjoy the sense of enablement that comes from learning by doing rather than just watching.

I've always appreciated the willingness of folks like Dee, Deek, and Art to share their craft in classroom environments, and hope to one day be mentioned in their ranks for our how-to seminars and videos. Until then, I encourage everyone interested in planning for building a tiny house to to assess YOUR expected outcomes from workshops, seminars, and hands-on experiences. Then look closely at the agenda and find the right resource to meet your needs.  

Live Large -- Go Tiny!