Thom gave a very coherent explanation of the state of affairs for tiny house legalization and how to move forward to a tiny house friendly future. There were beautiful distinctions made between the legal and illegal, safe and unsafe, taxed and untaxed, and other spectrums. I feel more confident in our ability to influence our future now with Thom's action and planning.

A great builder with some creative ideas!

After my plans were conceptualized and down on paper, I needed help taking them to the next level. Thom from Timber Trails did a great job transforming them into 3D renderings. Having drawings in 3D made my tiny house design seem so much more realistic. (NOTE: Amanda used our 3D models to build her SIPs-based tiny house on wheels with a Tech Assist from our leading installation expert)

My planning session with Thom was very informative, and gave me the building blocks I need to move forward with my idea for a tiny mobile studio. As I start to look for a vehicle to modify, I feel much more confident about what to look for and where, as well as knowing that I have a practical and passionate professional to call on for advice if I get in over my head.

We have worked with Timber Trails on several successful projects. Thom's attention to detail and his concern for his clients is clear evidence that he is a second generation craftsman of high quality. I highly recommend Timber Trails for projects of all types within their construction expertise.

Thom's knowledge and support throughout the entire process of building my house has been invaluable. He has a keen insight as a designer, with great care for detail and execution. When it came time to start my build, Thom helped everything move like clockwork and has continued to support me during my DIY build. Without Thom and Timber Trails' team, I don't think I'd be nearly as close as I am now to my dream of living in a beautiful tiny home. Thanks!

Thom worked with me on several projects. Thom was extremely responsive and service-oriented, and always had creative ideas to bring to the table, with an eye on execution and deadlines.

I highly recommend Thom. He's very intelligent, creative, with an entrepreneurial mindset. Thom excels at seeing a problem, and coming up with a solution that's unique. Thom's always upbeat and enjoyable to be around. 

Thom brings a particular brand of enthusiasm to a project that I've rarely seen. The best way to describe it, I think, is a "go get 'em" type of philosophy that he applies to even the most challenging projects. In the time that I worked with Thom, I rarely encountered him when he didn't have a smile on his face and a fire under his...anyway, Thom is a guy who gets things done right the first time, which is something I truly cannot say about a lot of people. Thom is efficient, pleasant, and effective. I hope I have the opportunity to work with him again someday, because his infectious enthusiasm and capability is superior!

I worked with Thom on several projects. Thom was easily the most organized, methodical, and scientific customer I've ever worked with. He has the ability to communicate his requirements clearly and concisely, which is a skill not all customers have. I would definitely welcome the opportunity to work with Thom again!